January Art Display

During the month of January the Hermiston Public Library will be displaying a selection of American art masterpieces. Provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) the collection seeks to introduce Americans to their artistic heritage and inspire them to become more informed citizens.

Picturing America allows everyone to learn about our history and culture in a fresh and engaging way, giving Americans a deeper appreciation for our country's history by introducing them to its great art.
The NEH has carefully selected the masterpieces  as a starting point to learn more about our nation's artistic legacy.  Well known artists such as John James Audubon and Norman Rockwell are among the many American artists who's works are present in the collection.  View the masterpieces and learn more about the artists and their place in history from a vast selection of library resources.   
For further information, please contact Hermiston Public Library director Marie Baldo or Jodi Hansen at 541-567-2882.