New Online Service - Mango Languages

Mango logoThe library has acquired a new language-learning service containing 48 languages (more are always being added) and is easy to learn either on you computer or from your mobile device.

Mango Languages teaches grammar and cultural notes making it a stellar introduction to new ideas. As a student pursues his language studies, he hears the language, sees it written, and receives tips on how to conduct himself in a strange culture.  The lessons are in English and the chosen language to learn. There are pronunciation guides throughout. The screen is filled with interesting and enjoyable art.  The voices of the narrator (your guide) and the native speakers are pleasant and clear to understand.  The lessons begin with short sentences and phrases, little light conversations that visitors are likely to have together.

Mango also offers scholarly and religious education language courses, including Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Latin; interesting short lessons, like "Wine and Cheese in France;"  and  15 different English as a Second Language courses.

Remember that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Mango offers a course in Pirate language and celebrates the holiday every year.

Get out your library barcode and get started learning today.